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Madison’s Story

c9db2d82de2f11e1974722000a1e8c8b_7Madison Holleran was a 2013 HS graduate of Northern Highlands, where she excelled in academics as well as being arguably north Jersey’s top female athlete… She was incredibly popular, her classmates say, mainly because she was always quick with a smile and was genuinely personable… One of Madison’s classmates told a story where he was held back in the 1st grade, then had to deal with kids making fun of him. He had new 1st grade classmates, and every day he said he had to pass this bunch of girls in the morning and he said they would always laugh at him… He said one day Madison came up and told the girls to stop. And he said these girls never made fun of him again. He said he was surprised to see Madison do that. They remained best friends throughout school… “This is all you need to know about Madison Holleran.” Madison was a member of the Northern Highlands ’12 and ’13 undefeated soccer teams and played a huge role in the team’s success. A standout in both soccer and tennis, Madison decided to pursue her running, where she was one of the top athletes in the state. Madison was the NJ State Champion in the 800m in 2013. Madison’s signed on with the University of Pennsylvania, where she had a double major and ran for one of the top programs in the country.

On 1/17/14, Madison Holleran took her own life in Philadelphia. She was 19 years old.

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